HelloLisa: virtual reception

Hello, I’m Lisa, your
virtual receptionist.

Giving your visitors a warm welcome and flawless digital visitor registration via Microsoft Teams starts here. Find out how Lisa works.

Visitor reception, reinvented

  • Connect with your visitors in Microsoft Teams via smartphone, PC or Mac
  • Open your door remotely
  • Personalize Lisa. Choose your own welcome video, look, workflows and so much more
  • Visitor registration in Microsoft Teams
  • Secure personal data according to the GDPR
  • Export and analyze data in a few clicks
  • Create visitor badges through HelloLisa
  • A complete Microsoft Teams virtual front desk solution

Wondering what HelloLisa can do for your organization?

Make an unforgettable first impression

Your reception is your organization’s calling card. Show that you care about your visitors by greeting and welcoming them in a professional manner.

A smooth welcome. Always.

With HelloLisa, your visitors immediately get to the right place. Using the lookup feature, they can ring directly to the right person.

Register your visitors in Microsoft Teams

Simplify your reception by digitizing your visitor registration in Microsoft Teams. Then you can export and analyze data in a few clicks.

Protect data and privacy of your visitors

Reception processes according to the latest privacy legislation? Your visitors’ data deserve the utmost care. All data is stored securely and according to GDPR guidelines in Teams.

Cut costs with a virtual receptionist

Companies looking to save on their reception without sacrificing the visitor experience are getting HelloLisa. A virtual receptionist can cut costs by taking over repetitive tasks. Meanwhile, your receptionist can continue working undisturbed or even work from home.

HelloLisa allows you to center the reception of different branches or satellite offices with one person. Efficient and cost-saving.

How it works


HelloLisa plays the welcome video for visitors. The search function allows visitors to ring the bell directly to the right person. Unannounced visitors can call the front desk to reach the person responsible for welcoming visitors.


Two-way audio and video: when visitors ring the doorbell, you can communicate via voice and video in your Microsoft Teams environment. All calls are video calls fully integrated into Microsoft Teams.


Open your door remotely via a simple chat message to let visitors in. For this, you need the optional Dooropener IP Relay hardware.

Create secure visitor registration and visitor management in Microsoft Teams

  • Check-in button with fields for first name, last name, license plate, email address, etc.
  • Check-out button
  • Find the person you want to visit via Directory Lookup in an Office 365 list
  • Can take a picture of the visitor
  • Can make a list of those present in the building

Part of the hybrid work culture

Sometimes at home. Sometimes in the office. Hybrid working is here to stay. HelloLisa offers an all-in solution to provide a smooth and human welcome even from a distance. Via Teams, you are always connected with your visitors on smartphone, PC or Mac.

A unique visitor experience tailored to your organization

The HelloLisa software can be customized to your specific needs. Some of the possibilities:

  • Create your own welcome video and upload it in MP4 format
  • Choose your own images, colors and add your logo
  • Set different language selection buttons. Each language can be customized in the language files
  • Multiple companies can use the same system
  • Optionally, you can add complex workflows such as printing a Wi-Fi code, sending a message or email after an action or linking another application.

Technical specifications

  • Custom welcome video can be created and loaded by the customer (MP4 format)
  • Large banner picture can be customized with company promotion information
  • Language selection buttons can be shown. Any language can be customized in language files
  • The audio-stream and the video-stream are twoway, if the called party accepts the call with video
  • Directory lookup uses the organisation Skype for Business address book. Contact cards show Name, Company, Picture, Presence information, …
  • The device acts as a standard SfB client, no gateway or server software needed
  • The software needs one Skype For Business account in your onpremise environment or in Office365
  • HelloRegi Visitor Registration and Management solution (requires a Teams account) :
    • Check-In Visitor Registration button for firstname/lastname, License plate, Email, …
    • Person to visit can be searched in Office365 company directory)
    • Can take a picture of visitor
    • The time of Check-In
    • Check-Out button – The time of Check-Out
  • 21,5” Touchscreen. FloorStand or Wallmount options
  • Wifi or Ethernet network connection
  • Skype for Business (On-Premise)
  • Skype for Business (Hybrid)
  • Skype for Business (Cloud Connector Edition)
  • Skype for Business Online (Office 365)
  • Microsoft Teams (via the Skype for Business
  • Online interconnect in Office 365)
  • Lync 2013
  • Lync 2010
  • Dooropener IP Relay (this is a separate PoE powered device)
  • FloorStand / Wallmount kit

Optimize your reception with these accessories

Wall Mounting Plate
Floor Stand
HelloLisa IP Relay (PoE version)

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