Our Story

Give your visitors a warm welcome.

Our mission

HelloDoor is a driven organization that works every day to digitize visitor reception without losing sight of the human factor. We believe that this humanity can make the difference in the further relationship with your visitors. After all, how you welcome customers, suppliers, employees, job applicants and other relations determines how they will look at your organization.

In a digital world where hybrid working is increasingly commonplace, HelloDoor makes a difference by enabling a real connection with visitors. As if you were present yourself. HelloDoor customers save time and money by digitizing their reception without losing that connection.

How we do that

 Since 20XX we have been giving visitors a warm welcome through our video doorbell systems. At the start only with an integration for Skype for Business environments, later also for Microsoft Teams. We created a system that not only works simply and easily but also looks good. The ability to connect with visitors online and open the door remotely was an instant success even without much marketing.

That gave us a go-ahead to develop a virtual reception with visitor management system. HelloLisa was born. Lots of new features such as 2-way video, list search and badge printing saw the light of day. By linking the entire reception process and also visitor registration to Microsoft Teams, we made visitor reception a streamlined process to make a great first impression on every visitor.

HelloDoor in figures

Founded in 20XX
More than 350 organizations
use HelloDoor
Active in more than 20 countries

Our values

We do what we promise.

No talk or promises without delivering on them. You can expect clear, no-fuss advice from the first moment of contact to all your support questions. We know our strengths and use them to create a total solution for your organization. We dive into your unique situation with an open mind to better understand your specific needs and wishes. Always with clarity about what is possible.

One international family.

With a committed team of developers and customer support, we are always ready to make your welcome a streamlined process. We are based in Belgium, in the heart of Europe, with a team and customers spread all over the world. Over the years, this has allowed us to put HelloDoor on the international map.

A pervasive ambition.

We believe that a virtual reception can completely change our view of visitor reception. That change starts here at HelloDoor and gives us the power to keep improving ourselves and our products.

Our team

Every day we make the lives of hundreds of visitors and receptionists easier. The driving force behind this is our team of experienced developers and customer support. Their deep technical knowledge, entrepreneurial talent and preparedness enable us to provide a system that customers from all over the world can use.

The HelloDoor team has extensive experience in Microsoft Teams. We support you in the implementation of our systems and all your technical questions in the process. Thus, our solutions not only ensure a smooth reception process but also relieve the ICT department of your organization.

Want to be part of our international team? Take a look at the Careers page.

Awards for our efforts