Connect with your visitors from
anywhere in Microsoft Teams.

Your reception is the business card of your organization. Whether it concerns a virtual reception or a doorbell solution, we provide the hardware and software to give your visitors a smooth, personal and professional welcome. By connecting the reception and visitor registration to your Microsoft Teams, we make the visitor reception a streamlined process.

I work with

I work with


Teams videocalls, Outdoor device, Remotely open the door

HelloDoor Teams Intercom Solutions

Virtual Reception

Teams videocalls, Visitor registration,
Directory lookup, Remotely open the door

Why our customers love HelloDoor

Open your door remotely from the Teams client

Solutions fully integrated with Microsoft

Your receptionist is free to do other tasks or can operate multiple sites

See and speak with visitors via smartphone, PC or Mac

No gateway or server-software needed

One or multiple bell-buttons

GDPR compliant visitor registration in Microsoft Teams

A flexible system that can be fine-tuned to your needs

User Stories

A simple solution that makes a real reception superfluous. The system is flexible and can be fine-tuned to our needs, both in terms of lay-out and functionality.

Koen De Smet, Operations Manager

Projective NV

 We chose HelloLisa because we switched our phone system to Skype for Business. This system greets every visitor and they can now simply call the desired employee in the building via the search field.

Christian Schulze, Manager IT Systems

Nederman Filtration GmbH