HelloLisa Virtual Reception

The pricing is composed of a one-time hardware price (HW) and a monthly subscription price for software and support (SW).

1. Hardware cost

$ 3.034,50

1 year period: $ 152,25 / month
3 years period: $ 129,68 / month


  • HelloLisa plays visitor Welcome video.
  • On the touchscreen, visitor can call “Reception” to reach the person in charge of welcoming visitors, or they can do a Directory-lookup to call the person they are visiting directly.
  • Two way Voice AND video: speak to your visitors if they ring and see them in your Skype for Business/Teams client. All calls are videocalls, fully integrated in Skype for Business/Teams.
  • You can answer the HelloLisa calls on your PC, Mac or Smartphone Skype for Business/Teams clients. If needed, calls can be forwarded to a regular phone number.
  • HelloLisa works with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.
  • No gateway needed, no server-software, acts as a standard Skype for Business Client. Uses Federation to connect to Teams users.
  • Optionally allows for Multi-company setup (choose visited company) and Multi-language setup (select language).
  • Open your door remotely, to let visitors enter, with a simple chat message (this needs the optional Dooropener IP Relay hardware).



Download HelloLisa datasheet