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When configuring your HelloDoor device, you need to assign it a SkypeForBusiness user. This is done in the settings.xml file in the tag.

You need to specify 3 fields :

  • username
  • windowsusername
  • password

Depending on your SkypeForBusiness setup, ‘username’ and ‘windowsusername’ could be the same or may be different :

  • in a SkypeForBusiness Online (Cloud) setup, both fields are the same and are typically of the form ‘user@company.com’
  • in an on-premise SkypeForBusiness setup, the ‘windowsusername’ may be different from the ‘username’, and then takes the form ‘domain\user’. The easiest way to find out is by logging into Skype in the Skype client : you enter ‘username’ and password. If the application asks an additional ‘windowsusername’, you need a separate ‘username’ in settings.xml. If not, then ‘username’ and ‘windowsusername’ are the same.

As a test, login to Skype on a standard client and if this is succesful, then configure the settings.xml

After starting the application, it needs a few seconds to log into Skype.

You can check the succes/failure of the login proces in the logfile, found in C:\programData\logs

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