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HelloDoor can control an IP-relay, and this relay can open a door, gate, or control about any device which can be activated from a simple switch.

For this to work, the whole setup of the HelloDoor, IP relay and networking needs to work. Rather than setting everything up and keep your fingers crossed, here is a step by step procedure to do a clean installation, or to troubleshoot one that’s not working :

  • Work backwards from the door, gate, etc which needs to be controlled. If you connect the wires from the Normal Open (NO) external control signals, does the door open ?
  • Next, check the relay itself : is it properly powered ?
  • Is the relay properly configured ? If so you should be able to reach its configuration page from a web browser
  • Next check that the relay can be controlled from the browser : you should hear it switching. If you connect the relay contacts (typically C and NO), you should be able to control the door or gate from the web browser.
  • Finally, we are going to check control from HelloDoor, instead of the browser. Check that the setup for the IP relay is correct in settings.xml. The IP address, username and password should match with your tests from the browser.
  • Ring the doorbell, answer the call and in the chat-window, type one of the possible commands to open the door.

Quick startup leaflet can be found here.

Detailed manuals for the IP-relay are available here.

A related support article on controlling the relay from powershell, is available here.

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