Process to Create Dummy User in MS Teams

Login to MS Teams Admin Portal Go to Users -> Manage Users -> Select the Dummy user that is created. Click on EDIT under Account tab -> Assign a phone number(any 10 digit) :: show in below screenshot. 3. Now click on Voice tab to set the call answering rule. 4. Voice-> Call answering rules

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O365 License for Dummy User

To make the dummy user work we need to assign COMMON AREA PHONE License. Common area phones are associated with a user account that’s assigned a Microsoft Common Area Phone license. The Common Area Phone subscription license includes a license for Microsoft Teams and a Teams Phone Standard add-on license.

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Teams External Access

A HelloPorta/HelloLisa device comes preconfigured with an account from the domain. The call will initiate from the hosted account configured in the device and it can talk with your Teams user via External Access (Federation). There are two possible setups :: Open Federation & Closed Federation.

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Process of Installing and Configuring of HelloLisa Demo Device

Feature Of HelloLisa : HelloLisa plays visitor Welcome video. On the touchscreen, visitor can call “Reception” to reach the person in charge of welcoming visitors, or they can do a Directory-lookup to call the person they are visiting directly. Two way Voice AND video: speak to your visitors if they ring and see

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