HelloDoor Intercom

Your intercom in Microsoft
Teams for indoor and outdoor use.

HelloDoor Intercom links an intercom system and service to your own Microsoft Teams environment. This allows you to effortlessly welcome visitors and open the door remotely.

Your intercom in your Microsoft Teams environment

  • Connect with your visitors in Microsoft Teams via smartphone, PC or Mac.
  • Open your door remotely
  • One-way video combined with two-way speech
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Supply power to your device from the wall socket or landline wiring
  • The intercom hardware and HelloDoor service are available separately from each other
  • When necessary, calls can be transferred to a landline or mobile phone number

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Always accessible, wherever you are

The HelloDoor Intercom allows you to see, hear and speak with visitors from any location. Pressing a button on the intercom results in a call to one or more predefined Teams users. By keying in a numeric code, you can open the door remotely.

Up and running in no time

As a user, you need a license for Microsoft Teams and HelloDoor’s phone system. The standard Teams application for PC, Mac and/or smartphone is sufficient. Calls are distributed to Teams users via Teams Call Queues and Auto Attendants. The HelloDoor team has extensive experience in Microsoft Teams. We will support you in implementing our systems and all your technical questions in the process.

Do you already have a hardware device? Then you have the option to purchase only the HelloDoor software.

How it works


A press of a button on the HelloDoor Intercom initiates a Microsoft Teams video call to the configured SIP address.


Two-way audio and one-way video: the called Teams user can speak to the visitor at the door and see him or her on video.


You can open the door by keying in a numeric code.

Technical specifications

  • 1 integrated microphone
  • 2 W class D Amplifier
  • Volume adjustable with automatic adaptive mode
  • The device has an integrated camera. The camera video-stream can pop-up on a PC together with an incoming call.
    But the video stream is not integrated in the Teams client interface. IP camera streaming for permanent monitoring is


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