Intercom for Teams (Service only, no hardware)

The pricing is composed of a one-time set-up fee ($ 310,30) and a monthly subscription price for software and support ($ 31,03) / month).

$ 682,66 (VAT exclusive)


HelloDoor Intercom provides you with a service that will connect your 2N IP Intercom to your own Microsoft Teams environment.

Pushing a button on the Intercom will result in a call to one or more predefined Teams users. This receiving Teams user can speak to the visitor that is standing in front of the Intercom (two-way audio). The receiving user can also remotely open the door for the visitor.

Calls can be distributed to Teams users by using Teams Call Queues and Auto Attendants.



The receiving user needs to be licensed for Teams and the Phone System. The receiving user only needs the standard Teams client application (PC or Mac desktop client, or Mobile Teams client on smartphone).


Supported features

Voicecall (two way voice, no video) from the Intercom to Teams users or queues.
One or Two buttons can be configured.
Remote door-opening function by typing a numeric code (Relay built-in).



The pricing is composed of a one-time startup cost and a monthly subscription price for the gateway service and support. This subscription has a yearly prepayment.