O365 License for Dummy User

To make the dummy user work we need to assign COMMON AREA PHONE License. Common area phones are associated with a user account that’s assigned a Microsoft Common Area Phone license. The Common Area Phone subscription license includes a license for Microsoft Teams and a Teams Phone Standard add-on license.

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M365 Licensing for Intercom

Intercom for Teams: Microsoft 365 (M365) license need 1) Doorbell button calls one Teams user: this user needs a M365 Phone System and a Teams license. 2) Doorbell button call goes to a Call Queue: the Call Queue itself needs a M365 Phone System license (It can be assigned a free M365 Phone system-Virtual User

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Process of Installing and Configuring of HelloLisa Demo Device

Feature Of HelloLisa : HelloLisa plays visitor Welcome video. On the touchscreen, visitor can call “Reception” to reach the person in charge of welcoming visitors, or they can do a Directory-lookup to call the person they are visiting directly. Two way Voice AND video: speak to your visitors if they ring and see

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